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Pocket-Prices, to advertise your promotions and flash sales
What is Pocket-Prices ?

Pocket-Prices is an optional module aimed mainly at retailers and allowing them:

  • to manage a product catalog and send their promotions to their customers directly on their smartphones...
  • to make promotions and flash sales more frequently and quickly than with conventional flyers...
  • to make price statements via the Pocket-Prices mobile app...
  • to compare their prices with those of their competitors and better position themselves...

Pocket-Prices is also for brand owners / representatives who will be able to:

  • to make price statements via the Pocket-Prices mobile app...
  • to see the price of their products at the merchants...
  • to compare the price of their products with competing products...

How does Pocket-Prices work?

Pocket-Prices is accessible once your Pocket-Fidelity® account is created. Its use requires an annual subscription. A mobile pack, offered for each subscription, will allow you to associate two smartphones to your account in order to make your price statements.
If necessary, you can subscribe for additional packs of 10 mobiles.

From our Back-Office, you can manage your product catalog and create your promotional campaigns, follow your price statements and compare prices in your area.

What types of accounts are available and for what purpose?
"Merchant" account
"Manufacturer" account
- Management of your product catalog
- Possibility to carry out your price surveys or to call on the technical partners referenced
- Access to price comparison
"Analyst" account
"Technical Partner" account
- Possibility to carry out your price surveys
- Access to price comparison
- Connection with the merchants referenced
- Possibility of carrying out price surveys for these merchants
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